Public transport

The public transport system in Switzerland is excellent, on time, clean and efficient. Most staff speak good English. Read our transfer details below for the most straightforward route on public transport. Visit the website and print the details in advance or ask at any train counter and they will be able to print details of your travel schedule including timings and even the right platform to wait on! You can buy your ticket in advance online or at the station. Sometimes a swiss transfer ticket in advance for £85 (return) from can save you money!

In Flims & Alpes Vaudoise we use our coach to access the skis areas each day in the resort. Sometimes we will have spare coach space available, but please speak to us so we can arrange this in advance. 

Hiring a car

If there are two or more of you in the party, consider renting a car as this can be cheaper and quicker and gives you flexibility in regions with a number of ski areas. Where possible, we’ll put you in touch with other flyers so you can arrange to share costs and driving.


There are plenty airlines that offer flights to Switzerland. We’ve included some outline information below to help you decide on the airports and transfers. 


Transfer details

Alpes Vaudoises

  • Fly to - Zurich or Geneva.
  • Train to Le Sepey.
  • Post Bus to Les Mosses.
  • Walk back down the road 150m, to "Les Fontaines" on the right side.


  • Fly to Zurich (Geneva is too far away). Or possibly Basel.
  • Train to Chur
  • Post Bus to Trin (post).
  • Get off at the post office walk back uphill 100 metres, our centre "Ringel" is on the left.


  • Fly to Geneva OR Zurich (and follow train directions below)
  • Fly to Basel, then Leave airport following sign to the Swiss side then Catch No. 50 bus to Basel - Bahnhof SBB .
  • At station take train for Interlaken, change and continue to Lauterbrunnen.
  • You can get on train and pay the conductor when he comes round.
  • Turn left as you leave the station and walk slightly uphill towards the centre of the village.
  • Our chalet "im Rohr" is on the left about 300 metres after the crest of the hill. It's in a sweeping left hand bend, opposite the church.


  • Fly to Geneva. (it's a lot nearer than Zurich)
  • Train to Champery Dorf, the penultimate stop on line.
  • Leave the small unmanned platform via a tunnel which goes under the road, turn left and climb some steps.  Our chalet "Buffet de la Gare" is directly ahead (10 metres).
  • To enter, pass the front door (which stays locked) and enter by the side (kitchen) door.


  • Fly to Basel (see directions under Lauterbrunnen for getting to station from airport)
  • Fly to Geneva or Zurich 
  • Train to Fruitigen.
  • Post Bus to Adelboden (mineralquelle).
  • Get off bus before bus terminus station, at the Mineralquelle.
  • Walk back down the hill, after 200 metres our chalet "Albo" is on the right.

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