Much like the Highway Code is to driving vehicles, the skiway code is guidance for users of the slope to avoid accidents and look out for other users. It is advertised throughout resorts on piste maps and notices. Our instructors teach the fundamental elements during lessons, but it’s worth looking at before your holiday as a refresher

  • Respect for others - Be aware of all skiers/snowboarders around you and do not endanger them.
  • Control of speed - Only ski/ snowboard within the limits of your ability, and be sure you can always stop safely.
  • Choice of route - Pick your route carefully and be prepared to handle changing situations with skiers/ snowboarders and the mountain itself.
  • Overtaking - Always allow space for others to make their turns and remember that skiers/ snowboarders ahead of you have the right of way.
  • Starting or entering a piste - Look up or down the run and ensure space to avoid other skiers/ snowboarders paths.
  • Stopping on the piste - Always stop at the side of the piste, away from narrow places, blind corners or sudden drops. After a fall, move quickly to the side.
  • Climbing & descending on foot - If this is necessary, keep to the side, near piste makers.
  • Respect for signs & markers - Always obey signs. They provide vital information for you and your safety on the mountain.
  • Assistance at accidents & identification - Understand accident procedures and be prepared to help. Witnesses must provide names and addresses.

This code is published by the FIS.

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