18, 20, 30? Looking for a group to ski with? Any of our christian holidays would suit you, but check out this one in particular. Any questions, then please call us on 01 753 880 753 and we will help you out!

Lauterbrunnen 20s/30s

Since 2010 we've been running this trip aimed specifically at those in their 20's and 30's. We're repeating it in 2019, heading to Lauterbrunnen for a week of fun on the slopes.

Come and join us for a week of banter, snowball fights, carving up the slopes and great christian fellowship.

The trip code is TNT19 and it runs from 25 January  -  03 February (Fri 7pm - Sun am). The cost is  all inclusive, which means the only spending money you need is for a few hot chocolates on the mountain. To book, use the normal booking methods on the booking page.

If you think there may be people at your church/work who may be interested, please ask us to send you a poster.