Bring a "new" Friend - £20 discount

For each "new" friend you bring on a Gold Hill Swiss (Ski or Walk) holiday who hasn't been with us before, we'll give you £20 cash back at the end of the trip. There's no limit to the numbers you can encourage and no end deadline, apart from when the holiday is full! You don't all have to apply at the the same time, so just keep them coming.  It's up to you what you do with the cash back, you could keep it, split it between you, or throw a reunion party!

The reason we do this is as an encouragement to get new people to join in without spending lots of money on marketing which would increase the price of the trips.

This offer only applies to our Swiss holidays, but excludes any half term weeks. If the friend doesn't follow the initial booking through and join the trip, the discount is invalid. You should be booked on the same week as your friend(s) so you can show them the ropes and encourage them to be part of the group. The friend cannot be a member of your immediate family/household (ie: wife, daughter, etc). To claim your cash back, please email us within a week of return, naming the people you brought along.


Returning for another trip, earns a 5% discount

If you return for a second trip, in the same ski season, we'll discount your invoice by 5%.  If you come back for 3rd trip this will increase to 10% (and so on in 5% jumps!) 

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