Different activities will require different kit and at different times of year. This is a guide to help you decide what to bring for our activities, along with an idea of what we supply, so you also know what you don't need! 

In some of our centres bedding is provided, but in others you will need to bring sheets or a sleeping bag and often your own pillow helps. This will be included in the final information so please check this for information specific to your holiday.

We provide 3 meals a day while away but you may need some spending money for hot chocolate, souvenirs and other small items.

Travel Info

The keep the costs down, all our UK trips meet at the venue or in the region in the morning so make your own way there! Full details on the meeting venue will  be given in the final information. Where possible, we try to get people in touch with others who live close to them to share lifts to make the journey more sociable and share costs. If you need help with this, please call us.

You will need to bring appropriate personal clothing and equipment such as:

  • A well fitted wetsuit/ steamer/ shortie with swim kit, rashvest and shoes or wetsuit boots.
  • We have some kayak cags which you can borrow on request, you will need layers for under this such as a thin fleece or two.
  • We have buoyancy aids and helmets for kayaking

Getting Fit before the holiday

Being out in the mountains, in the surf, or on a rock face,can be hard work for even the fittest people, due to the exercise, the altitude and the weather. To help you enjoy the holiday and reduce the potential for injury, we’d recommend getting fitter beforehand by swimming, running, cycling or joining a team sport. Make it fun and give yourself a goal and who knows you may even get into another new sport!

Our holidays are suited to people of all ability and experience but with this in mind, you should make sure you choose to join an activity group at the appropriate level for you. Try starting out at something you think will be straightforward for you and build up to something which is a challenge, during the time away.


The price of the holiday includes everything you need to enjoy the trip. For more details on what this contains, see our prices page.

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