Gold Hill Activity 2020

UK hills  North Wales May (Sat am - Mon pm)    
Beach  Gower May (Sat am - Mon pm)    
Farm  Wiltshire July (Fri pm - Sun pm)    
Alps / LWA20 Lauterbrunnen August (Thurs pm - Sun am)    
Beach  Purbeck August (Thu am - Tue pm)    
Beach+  Devon September (Fri pm - Sun pm)    
Beach+  Devon September (Fri pm - Fri am)    
Farm  Wiltshire September (Fri pm - Sun pm)    
UK hills  Bassenfell, Lakes September (Sun pm - Sat am)    
Israel acitvity / IHT20 Israel, adventure 22 - 31 October (Thu am - Sat pm) £1098   


There are minor "variations"to the above standard prices, for bedroom,equipment, etc., see further information on prices.

Leaving times are approximate, please check the final information for exact times before your holiday.

The last few places can depend upon a bit of number-juggling with bedroom spaces, so please only use this as a guide. Once you apply and we'll work hard to get you in!

Gold Hill Activity Holidays 2019



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