We are starting to get bookings for 2019 already! So here is the beginning of our plan. We will add more details, when we can, but do feel free to book up now, or let us know what you would like to see on offer.  

All Inclusive Price:  Lift pass, full board accommodation, coach travel, insurance, ski equipment and instruction. 

Gold Hill Skiing and Snowboarding 2019

UNI19 Lauterbrunnen
15 - 23 Dec 2018 (Sat 6pm - Sun am) [students] [6 ski days] £598 Some
LCR19 Lauterbrunnen 21 - 29 Dec 2018 (Fri 6pm - Sat am) [6 ski days] £698 Few
LNY19 Lauterbrunnen 27 Dec 2018 - 05 Jan 2019 (Thu 6pm - Sat am)  £789 Few
LIR19 Lauterbrunnen 18 Jan - 27 Jan (Fri 6pm - Sun am)  £758 Some
TNT19 Lauterbrunnen
25 Jan - 03 Feb (Fri 6pm - Sun am) [20's & 30's] £738 Many
EHT19 Lauterbrunnen 08 Feb - 17 Feb (Fri 6pm - Sun am)  £796 Some
AHT19 Adelboden
15 Feb - 24 Feb (Fri 6pm - Sun am) £796 Waitlist
LHT19 Lauterbrunnen 15 Feb - 24 Feb (Fri 6pm - Sun am) £796 Waitlist
LEM19 Lauterbrunnen
01 Mar - 10 Mar (Fri 6pm - Sun am) £758 Some
LSH19 Lauterbrunnen 22 Mar - 31 Mar (Fri 6pm - Sun am) [church group] £753 Many
LLM19 Lauterbrunnen 29 Mar - 7 April (Fri 6pm - Sun am)  £758 Some
LEA19 Lauterbrunnen 05 Apr - 14 Apr (Fri 6pm - Sun am) [church group] £758 Many
SEA19 Saas
05 Apr - 14 Apr (Fri 6pm - Sun am) £758 Some 
LSV19 Lauterbrunnen 12 Apr - 21 Apr (Fri 6pm - Sun am) [yrs. 8-13]  

There are minor "variations"to the above standard prices, for bedroom,equipment, etc., see further information on prices.

Leaving times are approximate, please check the final information for exact times before your holiday.

The last few places can depend upon a bit of number-juggling with bedroom spaces, so please only use this as a guide. Once you apply and we'll work hard to get you in! 

Key Means
Few The holiday is nearly full so book now, we will ring if we cannot accommodate your requirements.
Limited We may have one or two spaces left depending on the group/individual eg. one space in a boy's dorm.
Fly Space in accommodation, for those willing to arrange own travel.
Wait-list Do let us know if you are interested, and if anything changes we will try to fit you in. 

Gold Hill Skiing and Snowboarding 2019


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