All our holidays to Europe include a coach option. We’ve stuck with this for a number of reasons, but if this really isn’t for you, then our flying section will advise how to arrange your own flights and transfers. Our reasons for offering coach travel are:

  • The coach reduces both the cost and hassle. Whereas flying involves finding the right flight at the right price, booking the airport parking, paying excess baggage for skis, working out Swiss public transport or car hire then making the journey with baggage at both ends of the holiday.
  • The overall coach journey is about 18 hours and we find that on the outward journey most of our clients manage to get about 8 hours rest (even if it's a bit broken up). Coming home, some get nearer 10 hours sleep, in a 17 hour journey.
  • It gives us the chance to get to know each other and really does prove to be a good ice-breaker. It means we can begin to learn everyone's name. The overall journey (through the night) is about 4-6 hours longer, but is considerably cheaper and better for the environment!
  • It means we can get to know a bit about what you want on your holiday so we can get together the plans for ski groups, issuing equipment and giving you information about the week.

Our overall view is that we prefer to use coaches to travel to the resorts as we think the holiday experience is maintained at a reasonable price and level of comfort. We offer discounts to people flying and will do our best to help you meet up with us in resort, but are unable to book these for you.

Coach Comfort

We anticipate the journey time to be about 18 hours in total, but most people find they sleep after the ferry crossing until we breakfast in Europe, so you may find it useful to bring a neck pillow or sleeping bag. We make regular stops where food is available to purchase or you may prefer to bring some food. We will stop at the Swiss border for lunch and arrive in resort in the afternoon. The first meal we provide is on the Saturday evening.

Coach meeting place - Chalfont St Peter

We meet in Chalfont St Peter village car park behind the parish church. The car park is on the right in Church Lane off the bottom of Market Place and the nearest postcode is SL9 9RN. This is just off the A413 about 10 minutes from the M40/M25 intersection west of London- See the map below.

Each trip will have slightly different departure times, which will be confirmed in your final information. We can also arrange to meet you on route from the departure point in Chalfont St Peter to the ferry.

Arriving by car at Chalfont St Peter

Car parking is available at Church Lane car park. We book with the council, in advance, which costs £26 per car. We will arrange this for you, full details will be sent with the final information. As this isn’t a fully secure car park, the police recommend precautions such as using a krooklock and alarm, removing the stereo and leaving no valuables on display to reduce the risk. GHH does not take any responsibility for the cars as they are parked at your own risk. From experience we have not had any issues with this car park!

Arriving by train, transfer to Chalfont St Peter

The closest station is Gerrards Cross, which is on the Chiltern main line, from London (Marylebone) to Birmingham .  If you are arriving by train then please let us know and we’ll arrange to pick you up from the station.


Pick up- Clacket Lane Services

If you tell us in advance, we may be able to pick you up at the Eastbound side of the services. Full details can be found on the website and the final information will contain the full details of the timing and location of the pickup.

Pick up- East Docks at Dover

We can meet you at the Eastern Docks at Dover. Please look for our team in blue sweaters with the "footprints" logo on the back.

Contact Info


Call us on 01753 880753


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